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the score performance

The aim of this piece is to encourage you to explore a defined area of the city and discover and reflect on all the data points with a potential security application. By data points we mean places and technologies where you think the city is taking information from you and others to manage safety.

performance instructions

  1. Define collectively an area in the city where the piece will take place and appoint a meeting place
  2. Define the duration of the piece. A 20 minutes length is recommended, but different durations are possible too.
  3. Walk around this area and try to find as many different types of data points as possible. 
  4. Create and archive. For every data point you find, do the following:
  • Take a picture of it
  • One or more words that describe how the data point makes you feel or what it makes you think¬†
  • One or more words that describe how you (would) interact with this data point